Toyota Car Rentals Available in Fergus Falls, MN



Toyota Corolla
$37.95/DAY OR $249.95/WEEK +TAX

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Toyota RAV4
$47.95/day OR $309.95/week +tax

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Toyota Camry
$47.95/day OR $309.95/week +tax

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Toyota Venza
$54.95/DAY OR $349.95/WEEK +TAX

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Toyota Sienna
$59.95/DAY OR $399.95/WEEK +TAX

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Toyota Highlander
$65.95/DAY OR $499.95/WEEK +TAX

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Contact our team when you need access to a Toyota dealership with Detroit Lakes, MN. When you want to rent a model, we can assist! Our rental cars and SUVs come with 100 miles per day or 1000 miles per week. Any overage will only be 15 cents for every mile over. We try to make the rental service as affordable as possible. You never know when you are going to need to access an emergency vehicle, so we feel that we owe it to our Fergus Falls customers to make it affordable. If you have pressing questions regarding our rental policies, we will gladly assist you! Call now and learn more about our services.

Drive a New Corolla Around Detroit Lakes

If you're not sure what type of new Toyota vehicle that you would like to test out, contact us! Together we can weed through various prices and vehicle options in the Detroit Lakes, MN area. You don't have to be stressed out about which vehicle is right for you. Let our team of Toyota experts help you decide. We make it easy to get behind a vehicle that will make you feel comfortable while you're on a trip or while your vehicle is in the shop. The last thing that you need is another headache. Let our team of experts help you keep your stress level low and your bank account balance high with our affordable rental cars in Fergus Falls, MN.